Here are some tools that I have developed mainly aimed at the Lighting and Rendering Pipeline, using Python, Pymel and PyQt.


Maya - Out Context Tool

A tool that tries to mimic a Houdini like render output functionality in the Maya environment. Coded using Python and PyQt. It aims to help the user to create separate set of render settings in Maya, and have them saved in the scene file. Each settings, that is created can be loaded so that the user can easily switch in between different options and get the visual output that he/she wants in a much efficient way. #Python #PyQt

Maya - Settings Saver Tool

A tool that I wrote that enables the user to save the current settings on a Maya object, on the object itself as an extra attribute to be easily loaded later on. Coded using Python and PyQt. It works on the transform node and saves the current numeric, including boolean, values on the transform node and the corresponding shape node. It also enables the user to take notes as well, which should be equally handy. It is perfectly suited especially for the iterative process of lighting and lookdev.

Maya - Light Controller Tool

Here is a tool that I wrote to have a more efficient and precise control over lights that you may create in a Maya Scene. Coded using Python and PyQt. The workflow is, you create a locator and then bring in a controller panel for that locator which in turn creates a light rig and a light under the locator selected. From the controller panel you can adjust the various parameters and make selections easily and efficiently.

VRay - Interactive Settings


 VRay Interactive Settings

VRay Interactive Settings

"Vray Interactive Settings" is a dockable control panel, where the user can adjust the most common render optimization settings, without getting lost in the panels under the "Render Globals". It also, marks the settings that have changed by the user, for them to be noticable later on, making it a suitable tool for quick test renders and look development. Written using Python and PyQt.