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Hello! My name is Engin Arslan. I am a Front-End developer with a Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering and a Postgraduate Degree in Visual Effects. Before becoming a Developer, I worked as a Visual Effects Artist / Technical Director on Films and TV shows including Resident Evil 4, Tron, Mama, Pompeii, Vikings, and Strain. I received an Emmy nomination and won a Canadian Screen Award for my achievements in Visual Effects. During my time in VFX, I fell in love with Python and with programming in general. As a result I changed careers to be able to immerse myself completely in software development. I currently work at Shopify, helping more people become entrepreneurs all over the world. I also work at Seneca College as a Part-Time Professor and I am an Author at Apress, Pluralsight and Lynda. I recently published a course and a book called Coding for Visual Learners.

Apart from teaching in the classroom, I have created online courses for platforms such as Udemy, Lynda/Linkedin Learning, Pluralsight and Educative on subjects such as JavaScript, p5.js, Three.js and headless browsers. My courses have gathered over 100,000 views from over 90 countries.

Learning how to code can be challenging. It is hard to find good resources that are relevant, practical and engaging at the same time. This course teaches coding from scratch in a visual and beginner-friendly manner using the vastly popular programming language JavaScript and a programming library called p5.js.

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3D graphics are a core part of data visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, and gaming—all fields that are growing fast! This course teaches the three.js JavaScript library to create 3D graphics for the web. Discover how to create 3D objects and customize their properties, work with different types of lights, animate your scene, add materials and textures, and build particle systems!


When done manually, data scraping, monitoring, and testing are labor-intensive and time-consuming. This course teaches web developers various ways that PhantomJS (a "headless" scriptable web browser) and CasperJS (a utility wrapper around PhantomJS) can be utilized to automate these kinds of interactions with websites.


Learning how to code can be challenging. It is hard to find good resources that are relevant, practical and engaging at the same time. This book teaches coding from scratch using the vastly popular programming language JavaScript. Using JavaScript and a library called p5.js, you will learn how to code in a highly engaging and visual manner.

I've never seen JavaScript taught this way, where the results of each lesson are very visual; it's much more engaging than the typical tutorials you find online. [...]
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